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Infinite Stratos Manga Chapter 12


We didn’t forget about the manga. It’s just a lot more work than doujins that are normally light on dialogue and roughly 20 pages. We’re getting there and we have plenty of things coming up to aid with the wait. We’re also recruiting in all fields, Translators, Typesetters, and QCs, so please apply.

File is a little large because of colored pages and 2500px to give you the best quality.

Read Online: Batoto

Download: Sendspace | Megas

Release 63: Infinite: Emission

choco_0001Choco’s art book released back during C85.  Unfortuntely we don’t have time to translate this yet but I didn’t want to sit on it for months with no one looking at it. If someone wants to come aboard  for a short time and translate, we have typesetters that can do the rest.  But until then, enjoy the fantastic art from Choco.

It’s been brought to my attention that not everyone can access eHentai, so I’ve added Imgur to view images online. If that still doesn’t work, let me know and we’ll find another way.

Online Reader: eHentai | Imgur

Download: Mediafire | Megas