Here you can make requests of work you want done. Just leave it in the comments or send an email to

Be sure they meet our requirement of vanilla or work safe material and understand that we can’t get to everything but we’ll try. This is a way for us to know what our readers are interested in.

46 thoughts on “Requests”

    1. Minna de Ichaicha Infinity’s scans are terrible, so I’m afraid I won’t be able to do that one. I’ll see about the other two.

  1. Just wondering, but is it possible for you to translate into English, the lyrics of the character songs included with the Season 1 and Season 2 DVD and Blu-Ray releases of the anime? I haven’t been able to find English translations of the lyrics anywhere online, so I’m sure that would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I know it’s more work than manga chapters and CDs, but is there any chance of Rapid Switch picking up the translation of the light novels at Volume 09?

    1. I would like to but we have too much work to do. Novel translations are long and tedious and even something that is shorter like Charity of the Hope took longer than we anticipated. That’s something Teh Ping and the people at BakaTsuki are in charge of and last I heard Teh Ping wasn’t going to do Volume 9. Sorry.

  3. Can you translate them?
    IS<インフィニット・ストラトス> ドラマCD「華は華なりて華のごとし」 and
    Infinite Stratos Original Voice Drama Feat.Infinite Lovers

    1. Yes, we plan to do them. We’re taking a break to get other things done since CDs take a long time and a lot of work. I plan to do Infinite Lovers this fall and maybe the other early next year. Right now we just have other things we want to do. But those will get done.

    1. Unfortunately we don’t plan to purchase that BD, nor do we plan to work on it. Drama CDs are about as far as we’ll go for translating because it’s a lot of work and takes a lot of time. Time we could be doing other things because we do have a backlog of works. Sorry, maybe try another to approach another group or just wait, it’ll probably show up on TT or nyaa soon, it says Late September so it’s still early.

    1. Last I heard Hayate from L4K is working with a small team to do it. We don’t really do anime, it’s a lot of time and effort that our small team doesn’t really have. So just sit tight and I’m sure subs for it will be up sooner or later.

      1. Do you have any plans on translating any of the other Takako Hitsuji NSFW doujins, aside from the C86 one mentioned above?

  4. This appears to be a SFW doujin from Hitsuji Takako.

    Apparently, it’s… (limited?) to that event or so? So I’d thought I’d let you guys know.

    If it’s a SFW Charl doujin, I’d like a copy or two of it for myself, and I’d be willing to pay for one/buy it off of you guys or something. Would you be willing to sell me a copy or two? Unfortunately, I can’t attend the event personally.

      1. Just curious, have you succeeded in obtaining a copy of 一夏のオカン男子ぷりが止まらないよぉ〜!

        … or are you still on the lookout for a copy?

      2. We’re still looking for a copy. There are none of Yahoo Auctions or other sites because it was only sold on floor at C87. It’ll turn up sooner or later, it’s not like we’re short on work.

  5. Can you give new links for the AirxGrav doujins? The current ones lead to the “Invalid or Deleted file” message. I had trouble getting the ones from Kazahana Chiruwo, so I had to get those from a certain Sad Panda….

  6. Do you have any plans on translating any of the other Takako Hitsuji NSFW doujins, aside from the C86 one mentioned above?

    1. Maybe, I have a book that collected all of them but we’re short on translators which is why we’re looking for another. So maybe down the road but we have other things at the moment.

    1. I’m sorry, but we only do vanilla. Perhaps try /a/ or put bounties on them on e-hentai. Hopefully you’ll find someone, best of luck.

  7. Thanks for responding man, I sent you a followup email that contains even more information. Please let me know ASAP if you didn’t get said followup email with the requested untranslated doujins.

  8. It seems that the group Ryu-Seki-Do is planning on releasing a parody of IS based on the world purge arc, are you planning on translating it when its release?

  9. 【3日目シ34a】冬コミ新刊フルカラー総集編104ページ。描きおろしアリ。会場では先着でシャルのオマケ漫画付き。予約 メ→ 虎→
    108 No.
    ♥ carboxymethyl 34a @ 108_go Dec 17

    [Day 3 Shea 34a] winter commit new book full color omnibus 104 page. Ali and grated draw. With bonus cartoon’s Charlottenburg of arrival at the venue. Reservations menu → https: // tiger → http: //

    So apparently, if Google Translate is telling me the truth, 108 gou is releasing an omnibus that has a bonus section with Charlotte. This may be worth investigating. If you’re not too busy with work, perhaps it’s worth a look into…?

    1. From my experience it probably won’t be much, not really worth spending $20 plus fees and commissions to get it. I have enough on the backlog and understaffed that I wasn’t planning on getting anything this comiket anyway. Likely focus on the manga and work on other things. Sorry.

  10. There are some volume bonuses of the Infinite Stratos: Sugar and Honey volumes. If it isn’t too much of a hassle for you guys, I’d very much appreciate it if you’d translate it someday down the line. IIRC you said that you had the volume Sugar and Honey raws, so finally being able to understand the text in the bonuses would be great. I’m really looking forward to it. Please keep me posted whenever you guys decide to translate it, and keep up the good work! Thanks for everything!

    1. We’ll try. We’re just getting back on our feet after a hiatus so it’ll be awhile before we can start again. I know Volume 11 is coming out soon but right now our focus is just the manga.

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