We are currently looking for a variety of talent and filling all positions. We work on both 18+ material as well as safe for work material. We ask that you are okay with working with these. We only do vanilla doujins while doing 18+, so there is NO  gore, rape, netorare, etc. If you do have a preference, we can work with it the best we can.

Translator: OPEN

  • Able to translate Japanese to English
  • Beginners welcome, if you’re learning this is a great way to practice. You will get advice from our lead translator Button and help improve your skill
  • You don’t have to translate every sound effect
  • Being able to translate from audio is a plus but not required

Typesetter: CLOSED

  • Experience with Photoshop, CS5 or higher
  • Remove original text and replace with English
  • Required to level, clean, and redraw when needed
  • Use a variety of fonts and sizes to emphasize the mood and emotion of the characters

Quality Checker (QC): CLOSED

  • English as a first language
  • Understanding of the English language
  • Know proper grammar and punctuation
  • Basic knowledge of typesetting

Send all emails to

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