IS Manga Update: Closing Time

Hello, everyone.

My apologies for the lack of updates and responses, trust me I’ve seen all the messages and comments about dead links and other problems but I was mostly waiting for an update on the next volume of the manga and we got it. It was revealed that the Infinite Stratos manga was put on hiatus until 2019 along with Volume 7. (Source)

With this news the group and I talked it over and we decided that the wait was too long and it was time to close the doors on Rapid Switch. I’ve taken a step back over the years with Oslight and Akatsubaki doing most of the work, biggest thanks to them, and we don’t feel it’s right to just sit around for a year waiting for the next volume because we don’t know where we will be in our lives at that time. Perhaps when Volume 7 finally does hit the bookshelves someone else will carry on the torch. But with English versions of the Light Novel being published, perhaps the manga isn’t far behind.

I’d like to thank everyone for sticking by us over the years, through the ups and down, the shake ups and the close calls. Scanlating isn’t an easy job but it was enjoyable and I have fond memories and skills I’ll carry with me and I hope you all will as well.

Below I’ll put up collections of Volumes 1-6, as well as the CDs. Please spread them, but please be sure to give credit where it is due. A lot of hard work went into these and I can’t guarantee that these links will last forever. These are the final releases and this is my last update.

Thanks again for all the love and support.


Volume 1: Megas | MediaFire

Volume 2: Megas | MediaFire

Volume 3: Megas | MediaFire

Volume 4: Megas | MediaFire

Volume 5: Megas | MediaFire

Volume 6: Megas | MediaFire

Drama CDs: Megas | MediaFire

Character Songs: Megas | MediaFire

8 thoughts on “IS Manga Update: Closing Time”

  1. Hate to see you guys go after all you hard work you’ve put in. You guys could always pick up something else or get the monthly gx books that have IS chapters in them and translate them just to past some time. Up to you really, otherwise good luck and thank you for all your hard work.

    1. It was always going to end one day. There’s also nothing I really want to translated or done at the moment, I’ve actually fallen quite a bit out of anime/manga over the years. I still watch the occasional show but I just don’t have the time or interest much anymore. The others are more than free to continue on working but this is the end for me and since I created RS it feels right to also close the chapter on it as well.

  2. I plan on continuing to translate, whether it’s if/when the manga resumes, or something else- if there’s any groups that are IS related looking for a translator, or there’s something else, I’m available. Best place to find me is probably on Discord: for a server I’m in, otherwise you can DM me at Houki#0242 (my bias here is obvious :^] )

  3. You guys are one important reasons why the IS community lasted this long. Is this the Death Knell to the fandom?

    Anyway, forget me old cranky. I suppose it is as good as anytime to close down. And I simply has no other words than “Thank you very much” for all of your contribution.

    And Akatsubaki, I hope that you will find someone who share your love with IS so that you can continue your translation in the future. Good luck!

  4. Sad to see you go. Thank you and the team for all the translations that you’ve provided! You guys will be missed!

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