9 thoughts on “Infinite Stratos Manga Chapter 28”

  1. I tried all the download links starting from chapter 24 to 28 and ALL of them in both links in each chapters can’t exact files but chapter 23 and earlier is fine though. Can anyone check what going on?

    1. I just tried them and they’re working for me. I use WinRAR, not sure what you use. If you have further problems just let me know and I’ll try to help.

      1. All the files are download fine as it report as “SHA256 CRC OK.” So I’m pretty sure it not broken when I download it and I tried download it multiple times to make sure and with different browers and programs.

        As for the program I tried WinRAR v3.80 and 7-Zip v9.20 both of them can’t extract any file and open the rar files directly from the both programs doesn’t work either. Its report as the file is broken or no archive found. All the zip, rar, 7z, cbz, I download from other place today works fine though.

        I looking through comments in chapter 24-28 and found a few people having the same problem but you tested and it is working. This is kind of weird. I’m not sure what going on.

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