3 thoughts on “Infinite Stratos Volume 10 Chapter 02”

  1. Nice to see the light novel getting some love. Any plans to go back to vol 9 to finish translating it? Hasn’t been touched in turn of translation progress in a full year.

  2. Dido what Madnug said.
    But more importantly, thanks for still updating and devoting your time to this series. I still get a kick out of it, even if I don’t check on the series progress very often anymore. Regardless, this most recent visit to Rapidswitch has come with a bounty of updates, so thanks a bunch for that.

  3. Yeah I really want Volume 9 chapter 3 and 4 and more and could you also release Volume 10 Chapter 1 and the rest and maybe start Volume 11? I’ve been waiting for 4 years for the translations and it hasn’t been finished ;( so please?

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