Translator Needed

Hello, Readers.

As you may have noticed the gaps between releases have been growing especially with the main manga. This is because we currently don’t have a translator for either manga, Abs had to leave to deal with real life and his work and although we had Craig briefly over the summer to help with the spin off, he had to return back to college. So that leaves us in a tough spot, I can either go through the painstaking task of finding, vetting, and employing a new translator by going to the sites and asking for days or weeks. Or we close up shop and go on hiatus and maybe Abs comes back. So if any of you are able to or know anyone able to help us with the main IS manga that would be tremendous help. If not, I’m afraid there’s nowhere else to go.

Thank you for your understanding and if this is the end, thank you for your support over the years.

Sincerely Stark