CD Dramas Re-release


People have been asking for updated links on the Drama CDs. I keep getting flagged so I stopped putting them up but will try one more time. If someone wants to upload them to nyaa or some site, that’d be great. I actually don’t know how to do that stuff but you have my ok. just be sure to give credit where credit is due.

As for an update on releases. We’re still working our way through the manga, next chapter is being QC’d at the moment and will be released. We still need a translator desperately, if you’re interested send me an email and we can talk. This isn’t demanding, we just need some help catching up, so please, if you’re interested and have some spare time we could use the help. Thank you.

Download: MFMegas

One thought on “CD Dramas Re-release”

  1. DearRapidSwitch, I’m happy that you’d posted the Drama CD series but I must inform you that the download content, most of them has no voice. I was hoping you could post new links so that I can download them.

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