Infinite Stratos Manga Chapter 12


We didn’t forget about the manga. It’s just a lot more work than doujins that are normally light on dialogue and roughly 20 pages. We’re getting there and we have plenty of things coming up to aid with the wait. We’re also recruiting in all fields, Translators, Typesetters, and QCs, so please apply.

File is a little large because of colored pages and 2500px to give you the best quality.

Read Online: Batoto

Download: Sendspace | Megas

9 thoughts on “Infinite Stratos Manga Chapter 12”

  1. Sweet! Thanks for the new chapter!
    It has been a while since the last release, do you know if this manga is going to try to catch up the novel version?
    Keep up the awesome work.

    1. I’m not sure, I’m hoping since they’re going slowly through the first season. If anything, it’ll go through S2, at least I hope. Last issue of Sunday GX I saw was January’s and they were only about to start the tournament where Ichika and Charlotte fought Laura and Houki, so there’s still a ways to go.

  2. Awww, … ain’t that cover page cute; Chifuyu-nee (before she {to quote TV Tropes} “took one (or more) levels in badass”.)

  3. Say, just wondering, since this chapter is part of volume 3, what chapters for the others were released for Volumes 1 and 2? Also for the raw version what chapter is up yet?

    1. Volume 1 was chapters 1-5, 2 was 6-11, and 3 is 12-16. I’m not sure what the current chapter Sunday GX is on right now, sorry.

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