Release 60: Student Council Member

honne_0001It’s been a while since we did a Work Safe doujin.  This one focuses on the Student Council, something the anime left out but if you read the novel you’ll know them. The members are Tatenashi, Ichika, Honne Nohotoke, and her older sister Utsuho. 


Online Reader: Batoto

Download: Mediafire | Megas

5 thoughts on “Release 60: Student Council Member”

  1. Thanks for the share! But whose that girl on the cover with the green hair? It looks like an older big breasted Ranka Lee from Macross Frontier. Maybe it’s suppose to be a really crappy looking Tatenashi…
    Meh. Doesn’t matter.

  2. Is it just me, or is Tatenashi being portrayed here as taking on the role of Momo (“To Love-Ru/Darkness”), i.e., assembling the Orimura harem? Not that I’m complaining 😉

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