IS Drama CD Vol. 7 feat. Tatenashi

We’re still alive.

Hope everyone enjoys the site redesign and Tatenashi’s CD. We’ll get Kanzashi’s as soon as it’s finished.

If any of you have any ideas on ways to improve the site, logos, banners, or just overall site design, fell free to voice them. I want feedback from you the readers and followers. This can also extend to our work and ways to improve it. I’m open to criticism.

No need to subscribe to this YouTube channel, it’ll only have Tatneashi’s and Kanzashi’s CDs which will be posted here anyway. As long as you’re following our site, you’ll get the latest updates.


8 thoughts on “IS Drama CD Vol. 7 feat. Tatenashi”

  1. Wow… Nice design. I especially like the new fonts. However, can we have a thumbnail image in front of every post in the main page? It will help many.

  2. I love the new design. You guys really scared me when you said you were shutting down. Thankfully your not πŸ™‚ your site is perfect with the design and uploads. I only wish you can post more frequently. But I’m just glad you guys are still around, i don’t know of any other translator site that focuses on infinite stratos. πŸ™‚ just keep up the good work you guys are awesome.

  3. Nice theme for the site~
    And I have a question, are this drama cd will also be in wmv format too? I’ve download all the previous drama cds from youtube in 720p mp4 format and prefer mp4 format too. And is DDL ver. better in quality than the youtube ver.? thanks before and U guys’re~ great

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