2 thoughts on “IS: Sugar & Honey Ch. 09”

  1. Very sweet. You know, the best way to tie up the stories of each individual heroine (as well as make the most money) would be for the LN author to release different “character endings” for each of the heroines. They don’t have to be full-on novels in and of themselves, just good, in-character, epilogues to show each heroine making a good future with Ichika. That way each fandom “wins” and pays money to see their fave heroine “win.”

    The franchise controllers could then split the “epilogue compilation” into two volumes, making sure the most popular heroines (there has to be an official Japanese popularity poll somewhere, right?) get split among the two volumes so as to give more reason for fans to buy them both. That would be miles ahead of an inconclusive “he confesses, but to whom?” ending, or a harem ending.

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