Release 51: You’re Growing Bigger, Charlotte! (NSFW)


I was going to release this along with Charlotte’s CD but things kept coming up, so I decided to release it now so I can give you guys an update.

  • Charlotte’s CD is currently being QC’d and should be uploaded sometime in the next few days.
  • Chapter 8 of Sugar & Honey is also being QC’d and should be up Monday or Tuesday (Super Bowl weekend kind of messed things up).
  • Chapter 8 of the manga is delayed until we obtain better scans, the ones available were below the normal grade and we couldn’t fix them without losing more of the quality.
  • We have a bunch of doujins on the way including Charlotte, Rin, and Cecilia. Along with a few work safe doujin including a new AirXGra, should be good.

For now, enjoy this NSFW Charlotte doujin and keep checking back.

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