Infinite Stratos Manga Chapter 07


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Rapid Switch.

IS2 is now over and in my opinion a mixed bag. Some good episodes in a lot of bad, some questionable animation, and bad pacing. Still, at least it gives IS something it didn’t have, a future, and the girls are still great.

There’s a new Overlap Anthology coming out next month, Kanzashi and Tatenashi are both getting Drama CDs, and C85 is only a few days away. We are taking donations if you would like to support us, or we are also recruiting. Head over to our recruitment page and find a position that suits you. There is a lot of IS work out there we want to get to the fans but we need help.

Thank you and enjoy Chapter 7 of the IS Manga.

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3 thoughts on “Infinite Stratos Manga Chapter 07”

  1. By chance, is there any indication that Kazahana Chiruwo will deliver more wacky, way-out and random doujins, similar to those previously done?

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