Infinite Stratos Manga Chapter 06

IS Manga Ch06_001I hope everyone is enjoying Season 2 of IS.

Sorry for the slow releases, class has started and for me I’m on my final term and about to graduate, so we’ve been busy. Add life and other things getting in the way and finding time to get things done can become difficult. We’re only a small group of four. But hopefully we’ll get more releases out to you soon and we will keep the monthly releases of the manga and the spin-off coming, along with the CDs and doujins.

If you have any experience with Photoshop with typesetting/cleaning and would like to help us, send an email and we can get you to work. We have Chifuyu, Char/Laura, and Rin doujins to be done. Also if you have experience with subbing and/or encoding, we could use help on the remaining CDs. There’s plenty of work to be done and more than enough to go around. Help would be much appreciated.

For now, enjoy Chapter 6 of the manga, thank you.

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