Infinite Stratos Is Back


It was announced during C83 that the IS novels will be re-released under a new publisher and new artist. Volumes 1 through 7 will be re-released with new art and Volume 8 will finally be released April, 25th. What this means for the anime, 4koma, or manga remains to be seen but it looks like IS is finally back.

Check out the new trailer

– Reboot #1 = Comiket 83 Stuff (AKA the selling of the event exclusive stuff)
– Reboot #2 = LN Volume 8 will be released on April 25
– Reboot #3 = LN Volumes 1~7 will have a re-release with illustrations from the new artist, CHOCO [1,2 on April 13; 3,4 on May 13; 5,6 on June 13; 7 on July 13].
– Reboot #4 = Voice Drama + Character Song series [Houki on April 24, Cecilia on May 29, Rin on June 26, Charl on July 31 and Laura on August 28]
– Reboot #5 = IS All Night Event on April 20


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